Zodiacal Releasing Module

Zodiacal ReleasingThe Zodiacal Releasing Module is an online course that teaches students how to use an ancient timing technique that is derived from the work of the 2nd century astrologer Vettius Valens.

The module is presented through an online course site, and is mainly centered around a comprehensive 18-hour video lecture that demonstrates how to calculate, interpret, and then apply the Zodiacal Releasing time-lord technique in practice.

The material contained in this module has been extracted from part 10 of the complete Hellenistic Astrology Course.

About Zodiacal Releasing

As a result of recent translations of ancient Greek texts that have been carried out over the past 20 years, a set of ancient timing techniques have been recovered known as “time-lord” systems.

One of the most impressive and powerful time-lord systems that has been recovered so far is known today as Zodiacal Releasing.

Slide from the Zodiacal Releasing lectureZodiacal Releasing divides a person’s life into chapters and paragraphs, as if the life was a book, and you were able to read the narrative of the native’s life like you were reading the outline of a biography.

Each chapter in a native’s life begins with the activation of a specific planet as a time-lord, as well as the sign of the zodiac ruled by that planet.

Once all of the time-lord periods for a person’s life have been calculated, the technique can be used to identify periods of heightened importance and activity with respect to the native’s overall career and life direction, otherwise known as “peak periods.” The technique also provides information about which periods of the native’s life will tend to be experienced as the most subjectively positive or negative, career transitions, and other important life turning points.

Zodiacal Releasing provides astrologers with a powerful method for determining information about the course of a native’s life, and becomes an indispensable tool for predicting the future.

What is Included in the Module

The Zodiacal Releasing Module includes all of the materials on the technique that are given to students of the complete Hellenistic Astrology Course. This includes the following:

  • An 18-hour lecture with 159 accompanying PowerPoint slides, creating a video that combines audio and visual components.
  • Over 50 chart examples, demonstrating how the technique works in practice.
  • A 10-page manual on how to interpret charts using the technique.
  • A separate write-up on how to calculate ZR periods.
  • Access to free programs for calculating ZR periods.
  • Three video tutorials on how to use different ZR programs.
  • A forum for asking questions or discussing the technique.
  • A discount on upgrading to the full Hellenistic astrology course.

Accessing the Module

The module is presented online through a private course site that each person gains access to shortly after registering. The lecture is streamed through an innovative audio-visual format where the sound plays automatically in sync with the PowerPoint slides containing the diagrams and chart examples.

Once registered, each student has unlimited access to the course site containing the lecture, and they are able to view the presentation at their own pace, as many times as they would like to.

Discount on the Full Hellenistic Astrology Course

This lecture was originally recorded in December 2015 for the complete Hellenistic Astrology Course. The full course contains 9 other lectures in addition to this one, totaling more than 80 hours of audio.

When you sign up for the Zodiacal Releasing Module you are entitled to a $75 discount on the full Hellenistic Astrology Course, if you would like to sign up for it at some point at a later date.

Registering for the Module

The price for the Zodiacal Releasing Module is $75 USD.

To purchase the module please use the PayPal “buy now” button located below.

After completing your payment you will be redirected to a page which contains instructions for completing your registration for the course. If you are not redirected then please send an email to Chris Brennan at astrologue@gmail.com.