Annual Profections Module

Annual ProfectionsThis module teaches students how to use an ancient timing technique known as Annual Profections, which was the most widespread time-lord technique that was used during the Hellenistic tradition of astrology.

The module is presented through an online course site, with a lecture, written material, and examples which demonstrate how to apply the Annual Profections technique in practice.

The module is extracted from part 9 of the complete Hellenistic Astrology Course.

About Annual Profections

Annual Profections is the name commonly used to refer to the most widespread time-lord technique that was used during the Hellenistic tradition of astrology, which was practiced from roughly the 1st century BCE until the 7th century CE.

The premise of the Hellenistic time-lord techniques is that not all planets and placements in a given natal chart are operating at their fullest potential at any given moment in time. Instead there are specific times in a person’s life when certain planets or points in the chart become “activated” or “awakened,” thus drawing out the full potential of those natal placements.

From a Hellenistic perspective this is the reason why sometimes astrologers will see an important transit coming up in the future, but then the date will go by without anything major happening, or with the event happening in an area of the life that is different than what was anticipated. Ancient astrologers believed that in order for a transiting planet to produce a specific event or occurrence in a person’s life, it must be activated as a time-lord at the time of the transit.

The Annual Profections time-lord technique is used in order to determine exactly which planets will be activated in a person’s life in a given year. This allows the astrologer to do things like pinpoint the most important transits that will actually coincide with an event in a given year. Annual Profections also provides the context for interpreting transits, in order to determine which area of the native’s life a specific transit will be relevant to (e.g., finances, children, career, relationships, etc.).

With this information an astrologer can become more well-equipped to be able to say whether, for example, an upcoming Venus retrograde period will coincide with a major transition in the native’s life with respect to relationships, or if instead it will involve a change of careers. The ability to study transits contextually is an important component of transit analysis in general, and without it the study of transits is significantly hindered.

Finally, Annual Profections can be used in order to determine what some of the primary themes are that will arise during the course of the year, as well as whether the year will tend to be experienced as more positive or more challenging. When used in this way Annual Profections can enhance and compliment the information that is provided by other yearly techniques, such as solar returns.

What is Contained in the Module

The Annual Profections Module covers both the basic and advanced approaches to the technique. The module includes all materials on the technique that are given to students of the complete Hellenistic Astrology Course. This includes:

  • A 9-hour lecture with 119 accompanying PowerPoint slides, creating a video that combines audio and visual components.
  • A 20 page write-up on Annual Profections in the Hellenistic tradition and some of the interpretive principles involved.
  • Worksheets for calculating Annual Profections and determining which parts of the chart are activated.
  • A forum for asking questions or discussing the finer points of the technique.
  • Unlimited access to the course site, along with future updates.

Accessing the Module

The module is presented online through a private course site that each person gains access to shortly after registering. The lecture is streamed through an innovative audio-visual format where the sound plays automatically in sync with the PowerPoint slides containing the diagrams and chart examples.

Once registered, each student has unlimited access to the course site containing the lecture, and they are able to view the presentation at their own pace, as many times as they would like to.

Discount on the Full Hellenistic Astrology Course

This lecture was originally recorded in November 2015 for the complete Hellenistic Astrology Course. The full course contains 9 other lectures in addition to this one, totaling more than 60 hours of audio.

When you sign up for the Annual Profections module you are entitled to a $45 discount on the full Hellenistic Astrology Course, if you would like to sign up for it at a later date.

Registering for the Module

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