Many years ago I created a Hellenistic astrology layout for the Solar Fire astrology software program.

The layout contains a table of essential dignities that uses the Dorothean triplicity rulers and Egyptian bounds, as well as a separate table that calculates the seven Hermetic lots.

It also has a few other useful but more general astrological features, like tables for the planetary day and hour, nearest aspects, recent lunations, and a table for planetary speeds and stations.

You can download the files for the layout here:

Here is a video tutorial I made for installing the files:

Here are most of the instructions from the instructions file:

In Solar Fire 9, each of the files from the ZIP folder you downloaded should be placed in the following folders in your Solar Fire User Files folder, which should be in your main documents folder on Windows:

“Hellenistic-Aspected-Points” goes in /Points & Colors/

“Hermetic Lots.arp” goes in /Points & Colors/

“HellenisticDisplayedPoints.pts” goes in /Points & Colors/

“retrogrades_and_stations_traditional.pts” goes in /Points & Colors/

“hellenistic.pts” goes in /Points & Colors/

“Elements-custom.csg” goes in /Points & Colors/

“HellenisticPageDesign” goes in /Pages/

“Hellenistic-Custom_Uni_Basic” goes in /Wheels & Dials/

“Doregyp.alm” goes in /Almutens & Dignities/

“HellenisticAspectSet” goes in /Aspects/

Once you have placed all of the files in the correct folders, you should be able to select the Hellenistic page design as a layout option on the “pages” tab.

Just open up a specific chart so that you are viewing it, then click the pages button over on the to the right of the chart wheel, and then select the layout titled “HellenisticPageDesign”.

In some instances the Hellenistic page file will only be listed in the “added recently” section when you are trying to select it.

After enabling it you may want to adjust the displayed points, colors, and aspect set, and I’ve included custom files for each of these as well.

Troubleshooting: Make sure you place all of the files in the “Solar Fire User Files” folder that is located in the “Documents” or “My Documents” folder on your computer. If the layout is not showing up after you have installed all the files, one common reason is that people often accidentally place the files in the Solar Fire folder in the “Program Files” directory, which is not the correct folder. Make sure you put the files in your “Solar Fire User Files” folder in the “Documents” folder.