104, 2021

Hellenistic Astrology Layout for Solar Fire

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Many years ago I created a Hellenistic astrology layout for the Solar Fire astrology software program. The layout contains a table of essential dignities that uses the Dorothean triplicity rulers and Egyptian bounds, as well as a separate table that calculates the seven Hermetic lots. It also has a few other useful but more general astrological features, like tables for the planetary day and hour, nearest aspects, recent lunations, and [...]

2403, 2018

New Videos on Ancient Astrology Techniques

By |March 24th, 2018|Categories: Videos|

I recently started producing some videos on different facets of astrology on my YouTube channel, and there are several new videos there that cover basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques in Hellenistic astrology. I wanted to post links to some of those videos here, for those who are just now discovering Hellenistic astrology, and want to know where to start. The videos will start with basic concepts first, and then move [...]

1707, 2014

Proposing a Glyph for the Lot of Spirit

By |July 17th, 2014|Categories: Techniques|

The relatively recent rediscovery of Hellenistic astrology has led to a resurgence in the use of the Lot of Spirit by astrologers, but up until now there has been no commonly agreed upon glyph or symbol to use in order to represent this point in astrological charts or computer programs. I would like to rectify this situation by proposing a specific design for the symbol that should be used to [...]

812, 2011

Did Ptolemy Use Whole Sign Houses?

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The question of Ptolemy’s preferred method of house division came up on the discussion forum on Skyscript recently. I said that I had always thought that Robert Schmidt did an adequate job in his translation of the Tetrabiblos in pointing out the instances in which Ptolemy clearly employed whole sign houses. I suggested that anyone who wishes to argue that Ptolemy was not using whole sign houses needs to tally [...]

1512, 2010

Full Translation of Vettius Valens’ Anthology Released

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A full translation of the Anthology of the 2nd century astrologer Vettius Valens was released online yesterday for free. The translator is a retired classics scholar named Mark Riley, who posted a PDF of the translation on his website (here is a direct link to the PDF). Riley’s name is familiar to those in the field because he published a few papers on Hellenistic astrology in the late 1980s and [...]

710, 2010

The Glyph for the Ascendant in Hellenistic Astrology

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The glyphs or symbols that are commonly used by modern astrologers to represent the planets and signs of the zodiac were only firmly established in the Middle Ages.  While there is evidence that some of these glyphs may have evolved out of certain symbols that were used during the late Hellenistic tradition, and some possibly from ancient Egyptian script known as Demotic, for the most part the early Hellenistic astrologers [...]

2804, 2010

Updates to the Hellenistic Astrology Website

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It has been quite a while since I’ve done any updates to this blog, or to the Hellenistic Astrology Website in general for that matter, although I’m happy to announce that I will be returning to the project and redoubling my efforts in the near future. The first step is a round of website updates, starting with this blog, which I just relaunched this morning.  I plan to start posting [...]

3108, 2008

Video Tutorials for Enabling Ancient Greek Keyboard Layout

By |August 31st, 2008|Categories: Videos|Tags: , , |

Meredith Garstin and I created a couple of YouTube videos in order to show people how to setup their computers so that they can type words in ancient Greek on their keyboard. We created one video in order to show users how to setup their keyboards so that they can type in Greek for users of Windows XP, and one for Mac users. If anyone else wants to create additional [...]

1908, 2008

Hellenistic Astrology Blog Launched

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I launched a few days ago, and although I'm still working on the rest of the site I thought that it would be a good idea to set up the blog. In this section we will have articles, news and updates about all things related to Hellenistic astrology. Stay tuned for articles from some of the main contributors listed on our website.

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