New Videos on Ancient Astrology Techniques

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I recently started producing some videos on different facets of astrology on my YouTube channel, and there are several new videos there that cover basic, intermediate, and advanced techniques in Hellenistic astrology. I wanted to post links to some of those videos here, for those who are just now discovering Hellenistic astrology, and want to know where to start. The videos will start with basic concepts first, and then move on to more advanced techniques. Benefic and Malefic Planets The distinction between benefic and malefic planets is one of the most fundamental concepts in Hellenistic astrology:   Planetary Sect: The [...]

Video Tutorials for Enabling Ancient Greek Keyboard Layout

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Meredith Garstin and I created a couple of YouTube videos in order to show people how to setup their computers so that they can type words in ancient Greek on their keyboard. We created one video in order to show users how to setup their keyboards so that they can type in Greek for users of Windows XP, and one for Mac users. If anyone else wants to create additional tutorials for other systems then please go ahead and do so and then let us know about your video. Modern Greek and ancient Greek are quite different, particularly since ancient Greek [...]

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