This page contains articles on the history, philosophy and techniques of Hellenistic astrology.

Some of the articles are hosted on our website, while others are links to articles on other sites.

The History and Philosophy of Hellenistic Astrology

Articles on the history and philosophy of Hellenistic astrology.

The Techniques of Hellenistic Astrology

Articles on techniques and practical concepts in Hellenistic astrology.

  • Whole Sign Houses – An article on the original form of house division, known as whole sign houses, which was the primary system of house division used in Hellenistic astrology.
  • The Sect of the Planets – The distinction between day and night charts, and the division of the planets into two teams or sects.
  • How to Calculate the Lot of Fortune – A video demonstrating how to calculate Lots visually, using the Lot of Fortune as the primary example.
  • The Theoretical Rationale Underlying the Seven Hermetic Lots – This paper explores the seven “Hermetic” Lots that appear in the work of the 4th century astrologer Paul of Alexandria and his commentator Olympiodorus, and proposes a theoretical rationale underlying their construction.
  • Serapio of Alexandria: Definitions – translated by Eduardo Gramaglia for the Hellenistic Astrology Website. A compilation of excepts from a Greek astrological text attributed to Serapio.

The Hellenistic Astrologers

Full biographies of each of the major astrologers and sources from the Hellenistic tradition can be found on our Hellenistic astrologers page.

Other miscellaneous articles on the various Hellenistic astrologers can be found below:

  • Timeline of Ancient Astrologers – A concise timeline of all of the major Hellenistic astrologers, including some important dates in the history of astrology.

Diagrams and Tables

Diagrams and tables for specific astrological concepts and techniques, in PDF format.