Meredith Garstin and I created a couple of YouTube videos in order to show people how to setup their computers so that they can type words in ancient Greek on their keyboard. We created one video in order to show users how to setup their keyboards so that they can type in Greek for users of Windows XP, and one for Mac users. If anyone else wants to create additional tutorials for other systems then please go ahead and do so and then let us know about your video.

Modern Greek and ancient Greek are quite different, particularly since ancient Greek uses more accent marks. So, for the purpose of typing in ancient Greek you need to enable “Polytonic Greek” in order to be able to type out the words correctly with all of their proper diacritic marks.

Here is the tutorial for Windows XP users:

Here is the tutorial for Mac users:

Christopher Scott has provided us with a link to a page which explains how Linux users can set up their keyboard so that they can type in Polytonic Greek.