This page lists typos that have been found in the first edition of Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune by Chris Brennan after it was published on February 10, 2017.

I wanted to have a public page that lists all of them, in order to keep track of errors that I am currently aware of, and provide corrections for people who have the book.

All of these typos will be corrected in a second edition of the book that is in preparation now.

If you notice any errors that are not listed below please email Chris at:

Typos in the First Edition of Hellenistic Astrology:

Most of the typos that follow are listed in the order in which they appear in the book:

  • On p. xvii, some of the names listed in alphabetical order in a string towards the end of the second paragraph are not correctly alphabetized.
  • Page 16, third paragraph, under defining Hellenistic astrology: missing “the” in the sentence that reads “…that largely coincided with rise and fall of the Roman Empire.” Should be “…that largely coincided with the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.”
  • On p. 27, in the first block quote, the sentence that reads “the order of the Chaldeans has spent on the story of the bodies of the universe” should read “the order of the Chaldeans has spent on the study of the bodies of the universe”.
  • P. 29, top of the page: “that the names were meant evoke.” should be “that the names were meant to evoke.”
  • Page 51: standardize the name to Mark Antony, and remove Anthony.
  • On p. 78, the date at the end of the third sentence should say CE, not BCE. It should say “…which would mean that he lived prior to the third century CE.”
  • p.90 – 2nd last line of the big middle paragraph: “…the composition of Critodemus work…” Needs apostrophe after name for possessive form.
  • P. 140: Robert Hand left Project Hindsight informally in late 1996, and then it was made official in 1997. The book incorrectly states that it was in 1998.
  • p.250 – 2nd line of the 2nd paragraph: “…domicile, exaltation, and detriment…” Should say “depression” instead of detriment.
  • P. 285: Jupiter glyph missing from one subdivision in the diagram. The third bound/term of Aquarius.
  • P. 294: In the paragraph just before the new section on the five configurations begins at the bottom of the page, the sentence that reads “Thus, the aspect terminogy sometimes” should instead read “Thus, the aspect terminology sometimes…”
  • P. 335 – 2nd last line of the paragraph between the quoted texts: “…often moreso than the second…” Change to more so, two words, as the one word variant is not always accepted (usage ok in the US, but not as much in the UK).
  • P. 357 – first full paragraph lacks indentation.
  • P. 423: Judy Blume’s chart is slightly cut off on the right side, as it runs into the margin or something.
  • P. 455 – middle of the paragraph discussing Ruler of Ninth in Fourth: “…came from a different culture than the one [he] grew up in…” Missing pronoun “he”.
  • P. 464 – 2nd last line on the page: “…is essentially [the] same as the definition…” Missing article.
  • P. 471 – last sentence of 2nd paragraph under the heading, Opposition and Trine: “For the purpose of bonification this this probably only requires…” Redundant article.
  • P. 474 – first sentence of last paragraph: “The sign-based version ofthis concept…” Typo: of this. Check and make sure there is a space there, and it isn’t just a kerning issue.
  • P. 490. The degrees for Venus and Saturn are incorrect in the diagram for chart 64, for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. In the actual chart Venus should be at 21 Gemini (not 24), and Saturn should be at 24 Sagittarius (not 21). The correct degrees are given in the explanatory text surrounding the diagram, and the statements there are still correct, but there is just a typo in the diagram.
  • P. 516 – last quoted excerpt on the page: “In whatever is signified, this must chiefly must be noted…” Redundant word. Check the translation to see if it was already in there.
  • P. 532 – first sentence of the last full paragraph on the page: “…where they will develop a chronic illness in.” Last word redundant?
  • P. 558, figure 18.2: the numbers given for some zodiacal releasing sub-periods are wrong. Thank you to Petr Radek for pointing out this issue and providing the following corrections:.
    • Leo – level 3: “1 MO. 17 DAYS 2 HRS” should be: “1 MO. 17 DAYS 12 HRS”
    • Cancer – level 3: “2 MO. 12 DAYS 2 HRS” should be “2 MO. 2 DAYS 12 HRS”
      • Cancer, level 4: “5 DAYS 4 HRS 48 MIN” should be “5 DAYS  5 HRS”
  • P. 616, bottom of the page, there is an extra line space above “twelfth part” that shouldn’t be there.
  • “Anonymous of 379” is incorrectly called “Anonymous of 353” in the table of contents on page vi, as well as in the index on p. 648. This was due to a script that was used to update index entries late in the layout process when an error was discovered, subtracting 26 from all numerals in the index and table of contents. All other references in the main body of the book correctly refer to the astrologer as Anonymous of 379.
  • The term “Helm” should be added to the index, if possible. Primary entry for “Helm” is on p. 418. Also mentioned briefly on pages 353, 344, 341, and 323. This list not comprehensive.
  • p. 646 – Typo in the middle of entry for Wolf: Says “Pworphyrii” but should be “Porphyrii.”

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